Prices vary depending on the complexity and time to complete our work and the following are for giving you an idea regarding our estimated prices for the Income Tax Returns, bookkeeping services and for preparing financial statements with Notice to Reader. 

Individual Tax Return  $100
Tax Return With Investments $150
Tax Return with Business Income from $200
Corporate Tax Return from $500
Bookkeeping, administrative or similar services $100 per hour
Financial Statements with Notice to Reader from $500

Discounts on our services ranging from 20% to 40% will be offered based on your situation.

Prices above are in Canadian Dollars for Canadian Returns. GST/HST applicable and courier and other costs incurred by us for the above services will be charged in addition to the above prices. 

For the US Income Tax Returns, we can e-file the returns. Prices will be determined depending on the complexity and will include courier charges and other costs.

Standard rates for Professional staff (CPAs): $200/hour and for other staff: $100/hour.